Facilitated SLCC's Opportunity Challenge "Shark Tank"

With the support of Zions Bank and SLCC's business school, Assistant Professor Jen Klenk led a successful event where students were able to present their ideas and compete for cash prizes.

Twelve contestants brought their "A-Game" to win one of two $500 prizes this year. Various ideas from multiple disciplines were well presented and the judges picked their top contestants. SLCC's Nhat Nguen's application was one of the judge's favorite, his ScreenShot App gained automatic admission to the University of Utah's Opportunity Quest where he will compete among U of U students in March. Satin, Nora, and Faiyeza presented their Emerald Project, a non-profit designed to fight "Islamophobia."Their foundation impressed the judges who contributed additional money out of their own pockets to help the three girls reach their next mile-stone.

In addition to assisting some of the students with their presentations, I had the pleasure of working with the judges and Zion's bank to help facilitate this event. I was also able to gain a front row seat where I sat among the judges as we watched our students put the theories they learned into practice.