Twistlab Marketing

Managing Partner

I currently own and operate a full-service ad agency, Twistlab, which works with companies from varying industries to improve their respective marketing strategies/branding efforts to reflect the position they are targeting in the market. I advise companies on how to increase their market share by extensively researching the industry and then applying that knowledge using a mix of experience and education to determine the most relevant strategy and campaign techniques. My expertise lies in researching a company’s current market and then assisting them, through the help of marketing techniques, to move to a position in the market that will allow them to obtain a competitive advantage.

At Twistlab I create annual operating plans that support the strategic direction dictated by the clients’ mission and correlates with their operating budgets. To do so I negotiate and develop long-term relationships with businesses after running extensive backgrounder research.

Additionally I consult with businesses to develop strategies for their marketing and business decisions. This interaction not only allows accurate results but also ensures every clients’ satisfaction. Finally, I develop and oversee the implementation of marketing strategies for businesses over the course of the full project.

In house at Twistlab I manage and coordinate the efforts of over 75 employees and private contractors to ensure the delivery of quality products and services to every customer while promoting a culture that reflects the values of our organization. I also serve as the primary spokesperson and representative for Twistlab Marketing. I am proud to report that we were able to establish a 20% growth in the client base and a 25% growth in our total revenue for five consecutive years.