Utah State University

Master of Business Administration

This Master of Business Administration degree was completed in August 2011, it helped me deepen my understanding of leadership and business concepts. As Utah State claims, in the MBA program I learned how to “lead, manage, and improve business performance”, how to “commercialize profitable ideas… more successfully”, and how to improve existing businesses and create new businesses”. As a result of this business training, I have been “armed with cutting-edge intelligence and analytical tools” that have helped me understand global and domestic markets, competition, and customers.

Courses Completed

  • - Financial Reporting and Control
  • - Business Ethics
  • - Operations Management
  • - Survey of Accounting II
  • - Management of Individuals and Groups
  • - Financial Problems
  • - Marketing Strategy
  • - Leadership
  • - Applied Business Research
  • - Applied Econometrics
  • - Managerial Economics
  • - Global Business Strategy
  • - Finance