Michael De Haan

I have recently been awarded a prestigious position at Struck as a Design Director / Creative Lead. Its my dream job and my reason for pursuing an education at SLCC. I’m also nearing the finish line of opening my own independent film theater in the downtown area of SLC. The doors should be open by the end of Spring 2016. If you’re ever in the area around that time look for The Archive Theater on Main St. near City Creek and you’ll get VIP treatment anytime :).

Without your guidance and influence I truly believe that I would not have been successful in these endeavors. You’re a genuine asset to SLCC and your students are lucky to be in your classroom. Your classes truly helped me a better presenter and assisted me in selling myself with confidence. I appreciate you pushing passed my comfort zone in working so closely with a team to accomplish one goal. You taught me many things about marketing that I’ll always keep in my back pocket.

I truly appreciate all of your help while I was at SLCC. It was a pleasure and an honor to be in your classrooms.

Michael De Haan, Former SLCC Student, Design Director at Struck