Suzi Montgomery

I can’t say I know anyone more professional than Ahmad Kareh; he is extremely prepared, knowledgeable, patient, responsible, centered and competent. It is nice to work with someone that you know will not only be there, on-time and ready to deliver, but will read the environment and adapt accordingly. Nothing seems to shake Ahmad and therefore he lends a consistency to an ever-fluctuating environment, which I find invaluable in a colleague. Furthermore, he holds himself to a very high standard, working well independently, while being one of the best collaborators, a rare combination in my experience and a trait that truly sets him apart.

I feel very fortunate to have Ahmad Kareh on our team and I am without a doubt confident in his abilities as a teacher and compassionate mentor. His highly cultivated skillset, coupled with a sincere and kind disposition and willingness to experiment and meet his students where they are. This sets him apart and makes him one of the best teachers I have worked with.

Suzi Montgomery, Program Director at Spy Hope Institute for Teachers (SHIFT)